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About Us

Trapper's Honey proudly produces our honey products on our family owned and operated farm in Clarksburg, New Jersey.  We are third generation bee keepers who have perfected the art of bee keeping handed down over the years. 

We produce all natural honey products that are extracted directly from our hives.  We sell pure honey and bottle it seasonally.  It is not blended or mixed with any artificial flavors or sweeteners.  Our Gourmet Honey Spread contains only honey and all natural fruit.  Our seasonal honey extractions may have hints of flavor based on the flowers pollinated by our bees.  The hives located in our blueberry patch will have a blueberry taste which is all natural.  Spring flowers are bright and produce light colored and the sweetest honey.  Fall flowers produce darker colored honey with more full bodied sweetness.

Our honey has won blue ribbons at local fairs and has won awards for the best extracted honey in state competitions. 

Angelo and Anna Trapani both sit on local Boards of Agriculture.


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