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  • 8 oz. Jar of hot spicy honey

    8 oz. Jar of hot spicy honey

     Honey that is infuzed with hot crushed red peppers Indian Style at 40,000 heat units. Good for barbecues, as a dipping sauce or just plain right out of the jar.


  • Blueberry Honey

    Blueberry Honey

    Honey from the bees who pollinate the blueberry plant flowers. No artificial sweetners, all natural flavored honey. Comes in one pound only


  • Three Bears

    Three Bears

     Three different varieties of a seasonal honey in its own 6oz bear.


  • Trapper's Honey

    Trapper's Honey

    Our seasonal selection of award winning honey. Lighter colored sweet honey in the spring and darker colors with full bodied sweetness in the fall.  Our honey is all natural and extracted fresh from our hives.

    $5.00 - $13.00